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Single Copy Coordinator

Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Date Posted: 06-04-2018
Assist Territory Manager with day to day action items.  Orientate Independent Contractors with the Distribution Center and equipment.  Works with Independent Contractors (IC), staff, and public with the highest levels of integrity, respect, and urgency. 
ESSENTIAL DUTIES: (List duties, which must be performed by every person in this job, these are the duties for which the job exists.)
  1. Communicate with ICs the objectives of the company.
  2. Address customer service calls with IC.
  3. Distribute to ICs and understand items such as Shrink reports, Promotional programs, Rack Card schedule.  Answer IC questions regarding such information.
  4. Assist Manager with draw maintenance.
  5. Understand company programs such as DTI, Syncronex, I Services, etc.  Must to be able to use and explain to ICs and other staff. 
  6. Perform physical and reported returns audits.
  7. Deliver Open Distribution Areas.
  8. Be able to repair and explain to other how to repair Single Copy equipment such as newsracks.
  9. Pick up or drop off equipment in field or other places as needed.
  10. Market Tours
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED: (Include education and physical abilities as well as knowledge.)
  1. Strong interpersonal skills; must be able to interact effectively with members of their team, ICs, and others in a collaborative environment.
  2. Requires excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  3. Utilization of effective time management practices to handle multiple tasks successfully.
  4. Effective ability to influence.
  5. Strong leadership skills.
  6. Thorough knowledge and understanding of the Times contract with independent contractors for the purpose of communication, negotiations, compliance and contract management.
  7. Strong PC skills utilizing spreadsheets, word documents and data input.
  8. Competent in math and analytical skills.
  9. Must be able to safely perform all physical and lifting aspects of position, such as ability to safety and repeatedly push and pull carts, repeatedly lift newspaper bundles up to 50 lbs, newsracks, other physical movements.

PROBLEM SOLVING AND DECISION-MAKING REQUIRED: (Give examples if necessary for clarification.)
  1. Requires hands-on problem solving. Both people and operational problems must be handled on a daily basis.
  2. Judgement in resolving problems may require the application and enforcement of departmental policies and practices, and / or the interpretation of appropriate contract language.
  3. Effective communications and interaction with other departments to achieve creative collaborative solutions.
WORKING CONDITIONS: (check all that apply)
_X  Works irregular hours or hours outside of normal office hours.
_X  Usual office environment.
_X  Plant, exposed to noise, dirt and/or heavy machinery.
_X  Requires travel as regular part of job.
_X  Frequently outdoors, exposed to heat, cold, rain and wind.                  
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